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Sri Lankan Airlines has proposed a domestic abuse program and immediately hit the cheeks Attempt

They like the proposal to exploit the victim was traveling on a domestic airline flight was serving the last month from 12 in Qatar Airlines plane had a flight to Sri Lanka said that he had assaulted her. After the flight attendant on the police complaint and the passenger was arrested.

She airline has served since 2010 and 2016.11.12 in the Qatar aircraft had been flying from Sri Lanka to serve the suspect passenger who abused her proposal expressed reluctance because he has been assaulted her cheek.

Aircraft during flight attendants on the cheek on top of his remand the suspect to use an air passenger court after release on a cash bail of Rs 5,000 Negombo Chief Magistrate Ruchira Weliwatta ordered.

Complaint on 13 January 2017 re-filed as Magistrate ordered the airport. The resident was released on bail Pamunugama.

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