Five Missing Persons Rescued
See Pygmy elephants go on sabbatical found the five nuns who were stranded Mountains

Pygmy elephants had been found that morning to the five lost Nallathanniya saptakanya Mountains. The stranded by the Police Special Task Force team engaged in the operation in five stated that these were they found.

Informed that stranded themselves telephoned the police emergency line when they were stranded in the mountain yesterday and found that the victims had been found in operation.

The Special Task Force, which were found stranded along the Trincomalee police and villagers have been operating after the place they are found by the Air Force Bell 412 helicopter flight operations.

They found atarama?vu night operations from the place of this operation involved the STF team group has been found around 7 this morning on the rocks.

They said that the fast was on the rocks unattended reserve 15 km away, while engaged in the operation were taken by a couple that has been slowing food sense to them.

Below are some photos.

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