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Club friends through facebook built through 17 years of age to about -18 D. Young youth. JB. They bring a show that is already rejuvenated the center of attention of the Negombo police received information Kurana Negombo lagoon area in the DR. JB. Center Negombo Police raided yesterday.

Negombo police illegal without the permission of the DA. JB. Music Center has a hotel near the Negombo lagoon Kurana. The 18th place at the time of the Siege of boys and young girls have been staying about 20 people and one has not yet roofed and 1500 rupees for the center was surrounded. The young children left their homes to come to the center is the cover of tuition.

After hearing this, the young parents of children who have been traumatized powerful about this situation.

Further investigation revealed that was carried out by the police on the illegal D. JB. Centre run daily from 12 noon to 12.00 midnight and the area around it would have been great harm. P children come to the center of the illegal s broken English speaking has revealed that the two women have been deployed to ?ig├Žnima.

Received information that it can be hard to dance for narcotic pills that young children come to the center, but the raid found drug pills that have not begun the investigations.

Police using loudspeakers without permission of DM. JB. And to maintain the spatial center of the hotel manager and the DA. JB. Display at the suspect has been arrested along with items used to it. Negombo Police said the smuggling was carried out through face book should be aware attention of parents to protect their children. The suspects will be brought to trial.

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