Three Woman And Man
Certificates come get married three wives, husband dead body sale

Divorce sure legally demanding to her husband's dead body of his wife who died in an accident with three 15 yesterday appeared Gampaha Magistrate's Court.

Discussed how the victim has been completed without children and without prejudice to the parties yesterday and sentenced to 15 to 16 days to appear in court.

One kilometer near the post on October 13 morning Yakkala Kiridiwela road accident occurred between 44-year-old was driving a motorcycle had crashed near the pole road veered off the road. The injured man suffered critical injuries and died on the same day after being admitted to the Gampaha Hospital.

The victim's post-mortem examination on 14 because the three wives take over the body after conducting the Gampaha Hospital Gampaha Police had reported 15 The Court yesterday.

The victim Rambukkana, Kotuwella, a woman has been married in the year 1996 that Daraniyagala, mahavat├Žnna, u?agalavatta and Gampaha Malwathuhiripitiya, am?bagaspi?iya areas, two women have been married in 2005, and that one minute two children each, wives, three children, six and that the family three that the Court has considered carefully.

A married woman's last request was the second time am?bagaspi?iye settled as to allow her husband to keep his family ate ten years dead an hour, or their house.

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