Pregnant Woman Killed In Mathale
While her husband went to other training entangled wife seeking justice never comes that way

A few days ago news was echoed hierarchy in the murder Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretariat Division batgampala beautiful twenty year old pregnant girl from a brutal manner in the Matale district.

The girl with a soldier serving in the military forces Polonnaruwa marriage is loving his life Wilgamuwa launch area.
The couple is very happy to be paying the fine family the Army training now after her husband happens to a period of 09 months.

Second marriage on her husband never comes home looking in the parent's willingness to take the time to get ready for colonization. Mobile phone'll establish a relationship with a young man she was engaged by civilian security service twenty four year old.

He was a young man who had around 03 years of civil defense service area aliva?guva Weheragala Handungamuwa Wilgamuwa. Romantic relationship created by the civil defense took this girl soldier Civil Defence Force had been married to an Army soldier that she knows the woman.

Love, white, Introduction to the washout of the couple's life was expected to marry packages to break forward at his late father to gestate matured couple enters into a new marriage with the passing of time, so his wife.

Civil Defence Forces did not know that the other is engaged in the marriage of his wife had been married 03 months doubtless see all the odds.

I know that during the end of his military training came back to his wife's village, his soldier wife has a remarriage. Ins occurred after an argument arose between the second marriage, her husband has become very disturbed to learn that.

Then, the odds are in his wife's phone call came to him in the thirteenth. Call the she was bothering me to come home soon, he said.

He'll be the first one to meet her husband before driving the motorcycle agitations of military seba?ayi. , You can not maintain woman's why I did not want, as saying the soldiers saysTeen centered on the knife in his bag at the same time by holding the place to escape military soldier.

The wounded soldier has been rohalgata by neighbors. After attacking soldiers suspected of Civil Defence and his wife had found the soldier. Addressing his wife's mother, charged on pre-marital marriage that he has been cheated.

The end of the exchange, ongoing argument ins were assaulted his mother machete. At the same time in the police investigation of his wife after it was revealed he had driven his wife's hands parted as the second trimester of cutting knife carvings that.

Police were remanded after being arrested with the advent of the news that the suspect tried to commit suicide Soldier of the Civil Defence.

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