phone robbery
The girl working the phone plundered kid playing street Attempt heard about the road

Medical students and other young people from seven last road mobile kidnapped 21-year-old individuals who sold the Anuradhapura Police Crime Branch on Saturday 5 has been arrested.

Police said the suspect has been purchased Being unable to pay premiums due to the rider's motorcycle leasing save these robberies had thirty rupees twenty millennium millennium and more than two hundred thousand rupees worth of value unattended mobile phone stolen.

Nearly a month on the complaint, including seven women, two college students studying nursing and medical student a servant Anuradhapura garment factories Rata University for holding investigations, police have arrested a suspect in Galkulama.

He states that the mobile phone and fled away have unattended abused women called modern motorcycle telephoned the road to stop the course of that how women are going hi Road.

This person is married and a resident of Anuradhapura has been remanded till the 16th of this month for an identification parade after which the Anuradhapura Magistrate.

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