Husband And Wife
Recently, in connection with the murder of a businessman in the Hakmana information kongala now been revealed. The businessman's wife and her friend had been arrested in the killing is reported.

The victim ko?gala The top 50 year old resident of the area. An affair between husband and wife and the wife of the victim due to having family problems caused tikhe.

The businessman had stopped at the day before the murder of the wife of businessman and a friend of his wife live.

Unidentified sticks by her husband after acid has been murdered businessman's wife died three days after the day of the murder of the businessman has told police emergency line to make a call.

But this person is not hospitalized until three days after the murder and the police backed down and stopped at her home to the woman, the wife because he suspected his wife's murder has been turned on.

The murder investigations conducted by the Hakmana Police have uncovered a lot of information before questioning the wife and her friend, the businessman has died.

After the confession in an assassination suspect's wife and the wife and her friend, after which the court has remanded remand.

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