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15-year-old husband, a child, while her husband overseas-based Facebook, white Hansi

Hansi descent. A married mother of two, Avissawella Police Women and Children's Bureau has been arrested for possession of 35-year-old husband, a novice monk .we have withdrawn 15-year-old appeared called Facebook.

Vayaskaruvaku push younger couples packages, the woman released the suspect on bail after being produced before the Avissawella Magistrate's Court on charges of serious sexual abuse.

The woman was 05 years and two daughters who are ages 09 and this incident has taken place in a foreign country during her husband.

She has been staying on the phone with the monk identified by name tj├Židadana prepared fake account tjadaidadana white Hansi and then she has the desire to see the monk.

After she settled in Avissawella Uduwila Monk with two daughters living in the temple, and have met the monk, and she said that the incumbent Christian monk.

Two on the conduct of the two owners have been convinced that the incumbent of the other connection. Two daughters went to the temple with her, she has lived in the monk monk to come live with him ready to go home the next day and the night club to shelter pilgrims on that day.

The following day novice monk has lived for nearly 06 months with a wedge, she won the novice and became gihiyeku woman came home rental.

After the 15-year-old child who had been introduced as a neighbor pavasaminya her younger brother. That they were not aware that their neighbors because they have spent a lot of time to her family life in several homes rent and thus have known that another boy casual contact.

She went to a hotel frequent city streets, he could not be tolerated stay durakatanayema Mobile on separate faculties. She has said that the time went by she visited him again and not to see him.

At present, she has sent him to serve the karmantasalavehi and has worked in a factory Seethawake. His work, and when the woman unable unjust behavior while serving there in the way has ambushed the woman.

The woman has to Avissawella police that her husband had struck the young man had been revealed that she was a minor, known as the husband.

The police investigations revealed all tikhe. The woman will submit a report to the probation bail on December 06, the court had sentenced him to call again for minors to appear in court.

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