Fiasco wife said her husband did not go massaged

After declaring her husband not to go to the clinic daily massage husband assaulted 19-year-old girl has been admitted to the Kegalle Hospital cracks injuries.

Marriage proposal she brought her parents to marry a resident of Kegalle ago, about 10 months ago with a 38-year-old man in Polgahawela and states that the person doing the job of the individual institution in Ratmalana married her.

Home have been from her husband after marriage, the couple, who have both been happy to live in the house. He told his wife that her job every day completed the 38-year-old man said he had been drinking, and massage clinics in the area of ??drug Ratmalana massage when the institution.

The 19-year-old married woman by the Institute of massage have been found in the information and found her husband in the turnover. After her husband was asked to go for a massage institute, and it was not accepted, he states that the institution had a massage every day.

This is also stated by the strife between the two has been assaulted his wife by her husband. Recently, the husband of his wife by stabbing attacked the argument that the problem because she has informed her parents about this. After her father's home and states that she arrived with her daughter admitted to Kegalle hospital.

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