girl and boys
The young woman from a news report in India Nagarkovil been gang-rape of girl joined her boyfriend with lodge boyfriend and his group of friends.

The girl has been revealed is that of higher education, and she has the beach with her boyfriend. She has navatænpola?a late to the coast to spend time with her boyfriend.

If Motel Motel because potential problems as the following day, told her boyfriend the night there lægumha?aka and it was like a young woman has been the area of ??the lodge with her boyfriend.

Which revealed that, saying he had saved her and snatched the gold from the back to keep mortgaging her boyfriend and the boyfriend the night the girl had been raped.

The boyfriend by his friends after they met three of the lodge and brought out a knife and threatened the girl states that she has been raped.

The boyfriend and his friends have been drinking, where they have a conflict occurred. The person on the police complaint and had revealed all the police arrived at the scene.

Police later arrested the boyfriend and two of his friends who were in the other person, police have started investigations.

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