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Father-daughter abuse to punish persons proposed

Twenty five-year-old father-daughter abuse of a proposal made by a person arrested for a news report Galle side. Seventy-year-old father-wife four years ago and has been living in the house, he was no longer with the son of the mama?a?iyage.

His elder daughter is married and lives in the other provinces, as he has been married to his putu?ada the house alive with the law.

The son of a village near the beautiful married woman, only twenty-five-year-old daughter and his son-in-law was working on the house.

Niece expressed are his mama??iya?ada chores in the house while still alive and this is a strange way to look at his daughter-in-law.

When changing the nanavi?adi laying in the Sitting room by day, he stated that these proposals have been abused by their daughter-in-law have also been looked at his daughter and then this.

His daughter-in-law has told the actors as the son of his actors during the day and at night after she had said about her husband.

But her husband did not believe the story, and then the law of unjust proposal by her mobile phone has been recorded. After her husband have just heard about it, and then she and her husband had complained to the police. The suspect has been arrested by police in law on Galle complaint with the police.

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