A lady has been captured for professedly slaughtering her infant. 

Police said the disclosure of the asserted slaughtering became visible in the wake of accepting data that the body of a newborn child was discovered laying in a tub. 

DJ Party
Highlights children still faces goods
Kurana D. Jay. " Surround center
Accept and two women who speak broken English

Negombo Group - Wimal reputation

2016 Miss World Winner
19-year-old student crown Miss World 2016

Miss World competition to select the last (18) on at least 117 Miss America Nearby Maryland held phasii participation 'at the crown puve?o won the match 19-year-old girl in 2016, Rico state represented by the

Bus Accident In Sungavila
The bus had 20 people and injured pilgrims in danger

Somawathiya, Sungawila bus topples has about 20 persons were injured. The bus was traveling when the group was returning to the worship of Somawathiya Sungawila Wildlife office near the bus accident has been.

Pooja Umashankar Married

Popular actress Pooja Umashankar yesterday (17) has engaged. She has been engaged with the businessman prasant. He was engaged to offer with hævloksi?ihidiyi.

A collision between a bus and a van of the Jaffna fatal accident after 10 lose their lives

Jaffna - Chavakachcheri - sangththanei railway station near a bus and a van collided in an accident this afternoon, 10 people had died. The three injured persons have been admitted to the Jaffna Hospital.

18-year-old girl killed in motorbike accident

18-year-old girl has been killed in an accident on the afternoon. Girl walking and bike-wheeler collided with a bus reported that the accident occurred.

Five Missing Persons Rescued
See Pygmy elephants go on sabbatical found the five nuns who were stranded Mountains

Pygmy elephants had been found that morning to the five lost Nallathanniya saptakanya Mountains. The stranded by the Police Special Task Force team engaged in the operation in five stated that these were they found.

person go to jangle
Two young women and three young men disappeared into the forest Hamilton

Five persons have been disappeared into the forest in Hamilton Peak. Yesterday (12), they have entered CBR va?ayi Hamilton Reserve.

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